Lições dos Antepassados / Lessons from the Ancestors   (2011) Recording in tall grass during Binaural residency in Nodar, Portugal.  (photo: Manuela Barile/Binaural)
   WAIS Reliquary: 68,000 Years   (2016), detail. Installation by artist Anna McKee. Dyed silk, 3405 glass ampules, water from melted ice cores drilled in Antarctica, wood, 8 channels of audio, derived from a recording of "playing" the glass ampules.  (photo: Anna McKee).
   Uprising   (2012). Collaboration with visual artist  Rick Araluce  at Suyama Space, Seattle. PVC pipe, wood, foam, paint; 10 channels of sound derived from a recording of the empty gallery, speakers embedded in pipes, heard through open pipe ends.    LISTEN
   The Very Rich Hours   (2009). Recording session with poet Lisa Gill at Ojitos Wilderness, NM.  LISTEN
   Here-ings: a sonic geohistory   (1999 - 2002). The LAND/an art site, Mountainair, NM (Aug. 2002 - Present) 24 stone/steel listening benches placed permanently on sites where recordings were made over one year; poems on benches evoking what was experienced while recording.  LISTEN
   Alchemy   (2000). Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper, WY (Jan. 17 - May 31, 2003). Collaboration with visual artist Christine Wallers. Spun brass, steel, 20 channels of audio. Sound derived from whispering voices of 32 people reading written responses received from over 300 people to our invitation to imagine change in the world. Individual voices are heard through the bowls (via transducers affixed underneath), set on steel plates suspended from the ceiling; the voices morph into increasingly abstract tones as they flow through the space and gradually subside into silence; groups of unprocessed voices heard through small speakers placed throughout the space.