Things I've written, things that have been written about my work, and people I've chatted with.

Individual Writings

Paul Hoskin obituary in Earshot Magazine (2019)
Here-ings: a sonic geohistory (2002)

Exhibition Catalogs

Land/Art New Mexico, eds. Bill Gilbert, Suzanne Sbarge, Kathleen Shields (2010)
Sound in Space, ed. Scott Sherk (2010)
In Resonance, eds. Fionn Meade & Robert Millis (2005)
Sound of Place, Place of Sound, ed. Jennifer Gately (2004)


Invisible Places: Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place (Proceedings), eds. Raquel Castro &
Miguel Carvalhais (2018)
Festival of Writers Haiku Project, eds. Tom Gilroy & Shin Yu Pai (2014)                         
Trimpin: Contraptions for Art and Sound, ed. Anne Focke (2011)
Arcana IV: Musicians on Music, ed. John Zorn (2009)
Site of Sound: of Architecture & the Ear, eds. Brandon LaBelle & Steve Roden (1999)
New Music Across America, ed. Iris Brooks (1992)
Cassette Mythos, ed. Robin James (1992)


SP interviewed by Kent Karnofski at Live Music Project (2018)
SP on pygmy music at Sound American (2015)
SP on Winter's Bone at Largehearted Boy (2010)
SP interviewed by Dan Godston for Examiner (2010)
SP interviewed by Mark Peter Wright for Earrooms (2009)
SP interviews the late media theorist Tony Schwartz (1985)


In 2014 I was awarded an Artist Support Program residency at Jack Straw Productions to conduct a series of interviews with Seattle musicians Byron Au Yong, Lesli Dalaba, Stuart Dempster, Amy Denio, Sue Ann Harkey, Robin Holcomb, Paul Hoskin, Susie Kozawa, Wally Shoup, and William O. Smith. Some have been transcribed, others are still waiting. I will make them available when they are completed.

Writings About/Reviews

Airforms CD (2017): The Stranger, Textura, Vital Weekly

The Very Rich Hours (2009) reviewed by Tyler Kinnear in Ecomusicology Newsletter, April 2014

not a leaf remains as it was CD (2012): Bad Alchemy, Blow Up, Brainwashed, Chroniques Electroniques, Cyclic Defrost, Dissolve, Ether Real, Fluid Radio, Goûte mes Disques, Monsieur Délire, Musique Machine, Rockerilla, Sefronia, Sound Projector, Terz, Textura, Titel, Vital Weekly, The Wire

Filtered Light (Chamber Music 4) CD (2008): Cyclic Defrost, Earlabs, Igloo, Loop, Signal to Noise, Tokafi, Touching Extremes, Vital Weekly, White_Line, The Wire

The Webster Cycles CD (2008): Amazing Sounds, Classical Net, Eartrip (scroll down), Exposé, Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, Gaz-eta (scroll down), Kathodik, Musicweb International, Santa Fe Reporter, Sequenza21, Textura, Touching Extremes, Vital Weekly (scroll down), The Wire

Occasional Music CD (2007): Amazon, Earlabs, Ectomag, Psyche Van Het Folk, Sea of Tranquility, Terrascopic Rumbles (scroll down), Textura, Vital Weekly

Three Rooms CD (2007): Boomkat, Disquiet, e/i, d'Mute, Futhernoise, Gaz-eta, Kathodik, Neural, Octopus, Sands Zine, Textura, Tokafi, Touching Extremes, Vital Weekly, The Wire

Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art, Brandon LaBelle; Continuum International (2006)

From Shelter CD (2003): Classical Net, Dusted, The Improvisor, Sequenza21, Sonic CuriosityTextura

Here-ings: a sonic geohistory CD/Book (2002): 5:4, Soundscape Journal of Acoustic Ecology

In Memory of the Four Winds CD (2000): All Music Guide, Amazing Sounds, Ambient Visions (scroll down), Vital Weekly

Emanations CD (1998): Amazing Sounds, Monk Mink Pink Punk,